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CKEconomist, Banker, Climate Finance specialist

I am the Financial Coordinator of the European Union’s LIFE Programme on behalf of the monitoring consortium. I specialize in Environmental and Climate Finance, and in Big Data Analysis.

I hold a PhD in Finance from University of Paris-Dauphine, and a post-graduate research degree (DEA) directed by Nobel laureate Professor Maurice Allais.

I’ve worked in Banking, Finance, Government, and Consulting in various organizations in Europe.

I occasionally write on Finance, Economics, Taxation, European Affairs, and anything I might take an interest in. You can see my full profile on Linkedin, or follow me on Twitter.


Among others, I have been:

Financial Markets Economist at “Banque Française du Commerce Extérieur”
General Manager of “Bank of Crete”
Executive Director of “Bulgarian Investment Bank”
Head of International Network at “Commercial Bank of Greece”
Chairman of “International Commercial Black Sea Bank Armenia”
Chairman of “International Commercial Black Sea Bank Moldova”
Chairman of the Board of “Sismanoglio General Hospital”
Managing Director of “Athens Municipality Development Agency”
Economic Adviser to the Mayor of Athens